Guitar Revolution Set for 2017 Tour

The launch of Guitar Revolution was simply amazing. We were overwhelmed by support and the numbers of people taking part. So much so that plans are being put in place for a 2017 tour. Want to take part? Want to get involved? Get in touch via the contact page or join the mailing list here.

 or you can find out more about Guitar Revolution  here

Guitar Revolution

Guitar Revolution is a piece of music made up of four parts, for an infinite number of guitars. The parts range in difficulty from very simple to complex. You can learn the piece here for free, and then join us on the 10th of September at The London Acoustic Show to rehearse it and perform with The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra – everyone is welcome! click here for Tabs and much more

New Single Release – The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra

The release of two new singles from ‘The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra’. Edinburgh and The Chine, are two exeptional pieces of music, featuring Hang Drum from Matt Calder, Tabla from Harkiret Singh Bahra and Double Bass from Lukas Drinkwater. The video for Edinburgh is already live and of course you can download or stream the new singles now… from Spotify and Itunes..

There will be various performances this summer from the orchestra, including Larmer Tree Festival and the Acoustic Festival of Britain, stay in touch to see more dates 🙂

New Album – 48 Hour Atlas

‘A brilliantly brooding neo-minimalist masterpiece, written and recorded in 48 hours.
The new ground breaking album #48HourAtlas from guitarists Chris Woods Groove and will Mcnicol’

Chris’ latest release. Available now from the usual places; you can catch a full live video from each track being released on social media every Monday throughout September and October.

Candyrat Records release – RED ROOM

Check out Chris’ latest Candyrat video… this times it’s a collaboration with Jon Hart. The video recieved tens of thousands of views within 24hr’s of being released, have a listen to hear why. For all the guitarists out there; Chris is using an OCD Overdive pedal on his acoustic guitar. He is currently out on the road, touring as a soloist and as ‘The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra’ make sure you check out his tour dates so you can see even more new and unreleased material.

‘The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra’

Chris has launched two singles from ‘The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra’ which are available to download from iTunes etc and to stream from Spotify and more… The album is nearly there and over the coming months there will be opportunities to see chris perform as ‘The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra’. The first chance will be on the 3rd of May at The London Guitar Night, where Chris will be joined by Tabla player Harkiret Singh Bhara. Get your tickets here

Winter Tour – Spain, Switzerland and back again….

Chris is still working hard in the studio and cooking up something very special indeed…but before he unleashes his latest creation he’s heading back out on the road for a winter tour. Heading to Spain, over to Switzerland and the finally back to London. Get your tickets by clicking the image… Don’t miss out

19-02-2015 Carrots Acoustic Night – Spain
20-02-2015 UCAM masterclass – Spain
20-02-2015 Concert @Luis Guerrero Guitars – Spain
23-02-2015 Musikhaus Blue Wonder in St. Galle – Switzerland
24-02-2015 Musik Niederberger GmbH in Wolhusen – Switzerland
25-02-2015 Krompholz Musik AG in Bern – Switzerland
26-02-2015 DieGitarre.CH SA in Winterthur – Switzerland
27-02-2015 Boullard Musique SA in Morges – Switzerland
28-02-2015 Belmont Rcok School – Switzerland
01-03-2015 London Guitar Night


2014 A Year To Remember….

Chris’ touring for 2014 has come to an end. It’s been a year to remember with performances across Europe and of course appearances at amazing UK venues and festivals including Glastonbury. 2015 is set to take things even more memorable with tours taking him even further afield and of course the anticipated release of ‘The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra’.

2015 will also see Chris heading into the studio with other musicians as a producer and a player.  He is set to produce jon Harts’ debut album and is guesting on Will McNicol’s and Luke Selby’s latest release. There is so much more happening, there literally isn’t enough space in this one post to tell you!…’ll just have to join us on Facebook and twitter or of course join the mailing list by Emailing Tour dates will be announced in the new year… Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Autumn Tour Underway – Including Online Video Release with CandyRat Records

Chris’ autumn tour is well underway, and remember you can keep up with Chris on the road on his facebook page. There has already been an array of exceptional concerts in exceptional places on this tour, whether its playing on a star disc on the edge of a cliff or hosting the Elixir Stage at the London Acouistic Guitar Show the reception has been brilliant.

There is plenty more to come as Chris has only just begun, still on the schedule is a host of UK dates a mini tour of Italy, a seminar at the Registry of Guitar Tutors conference and of course Chris’ latest video single release on the 25th of Sept with CandyRat Records. The best way to join in the video release fun and show your support is to click the image below and join the facebook event….and why not head over to the eventspage to see what shows you fancy coming too?
Candy rat image

Summer Tour of UK and Slovakia

Chris’ summer tour has drawn to a close, and it has been a huge summery success! If you missed him, head to the ‘on tour’ page, to see him on his Autumn tour! In the mean time… here’s an interview!