Winter Tour – Spain, Switzerland and back again….

Chris is still working hard in the studio and cooking up something very special indeed…but before he unleashes his latest creation he’s heading back out on the road for a winter tour. Heading to Spain, over to Switzerland and the finally back to London. Get your tickets by clicking the image… Don’t miss out

19-02-2015 Carrots Acoustic Night – Spain
20-02-2015 UCAM masterclass – Spain
20-02-2015 Concert @Luis Guerrero Guitars – Spain
23-02-2015 Musikhaus Blue Wonder in St. Galle – Switzerland
24-02-2015 Musik Niederberger GmbH in Wolhusen – Switzerland
25-02-2015 Krompholz Musik AG in Bern – Switzerland
26-02-2015 DieGitarre.CH SA in Winterthur – Switzerland
27-02-2015 Boullard Musique SA in Morges – Switzerland
28-02-2015 Belmont Rcok School – Switzerland
01-03-2015 London Guitar Night