On this page you can see what gear Chris uses and of course what’s currently on his pedal board! ┬áJust Scroll down to see…

  • Pedal Board

    Chris uses a fairly simple live set up. Using the following: Korg Pitch Black Tuner, Trex Fuel Tank, Boss Rv-5, Trex Tonebug Reverb, Line 6 DL4, MXR ten band EQ. All of this is attched to a Trex pedal board/tone trunk.


  • Guitar - Martin 000x1

    A balanced tone and perfect bass response is essential. There are no compromises here only a Martin will do. Chris currently uses a 000×1, a humble and comfortable body shape, and a sound that is a major part of Chris’ signature tone. This instrument is resilient and ideal for relentless touring, the textured sides also give Chris the ability to create a range of additional percussive scrapes!

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  • Pick Up - Mimesis Kudos

    When playing so much of the guitar choosing your Pick-up is a tricky business, and there is really no compromise. The Mimesis Kudos is made up of an active magnetic pick-up and a high quality internal mic, with two out-puts you have totally control over every sound. This Pick-up is crucial in Chris communicating his technique in a live situation.

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  • Strings - Elixir Strings (12 - 53)

    Strings are the original source of sound for any stringed instrument. The foundations of all your tone comes from there. Being confident that each time you get up on stage your strings are sounding as fresh as the day you played them is priceless. Chris Woods only uses Elixir Nano-web’s gauge 12 Phosphor Bronze. CW ‘After starting to use Elixir I simply can’t go back, it’s not just because they last longer or how awesome they sound, it’s how they feel – They have opened up the whole fretboard for me, moving around is simply effortless ‘

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  • Plectrums - Timber Tones - Lignum

    Chris’ varied groove relies on a mix of fingerstyle and plectrum playing. To create such a sweet tone, the sound sound source is everything so the plectrums have to be right. Timber Tones are one of a kind, using gorgeous tone woods rather than plastic. The sound and feel is rich and comfortable! Chris uses Lignum Vitae.

  • Stomp Box - Chris Woods Signature pro-Log

    This is an intergral part of Chris’ sound. Groove is at the centre of everything Chris does, so a low frequency kick makes all the difference. Chris has developed ground breaking ways of using the stomper, as a result he has been given the great honor of his own signature stomp box range.