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Chris’ d├ębut album containing:

  1. Stolen Lines
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Michelle
  4. February
  5. Unhinge
  6. I’d Rather Be…
  7. Union
  8. Return
  9. String Times
  10. Rolling HIlls (Remastered)

1 review for Stories for Solo Guitar

  1. Francesco
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Long awaited album… worth the time. Chris Woods Groove creates a wonderful acoustic sound, thick and wide. I call it the “thide” sound. That’s the Chris’ griffe.

    Stolen lines

    open track and first video. It’s a very punchy presentation of the Chris’ style. Great percussions, slaps and basses with the always fine touch of his Logarythm wood foot percussion.
    A textured song that will be a sought after for acoustic guitar lovers.


    How to create a brilliant theme and harmonize it with a unique ability of percuss and vibrate your guitar? Listen.


    A fantastic way to mix arpeggios and harmonics to tell a love feel. The wizard in Chris can mantain always the groove and this is his plus on the acoustic panorama. Not to mention a fantastic final firework of legatos and tapping


    Is it possible to be a very lyric player when you are Chris Wood GROOVE. I’d say absolutely YES!
    And what a awesome use of percussion style with chords!!


    Hey, acoustic players! Play this. Play it. Rythm, Harmony, Technique. You’ll be a better player after… Keep an eye: when it changes tempo you’ll be strike…

    I’d rather be

    One of my favourite. An essential example of the groove mean. Daft Punk would love this… That’s what should keep in mind a musician: Be as creative as Chris!


    Another fantastic theme, developed through a fantastic use of tapping and arpeggios mix. And always the so fine use of the logarythm!!!


    Wow! every tune is a journey, a sort of film story telling… I can’t resist to re listen it. Great palm muting style!!! Not to mention a fantastic left hand.

    String times

    Oh my gosh… What a groove… what a groove. Amazing.

    Rolling hills (remastered)

    What i’d say? it’s a classic yet. And a must to learn.

    Thank you Chris.

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