Longfleet Guitar Orchestra – ‘A New Sea’

Hi folks, I have put together some of the ideas I brought to our workshop into a full piece, for us to perform at the Transmission festival. Its called ‘A New Sea’ . You can learn how to play the piece here, but don’t worry we will be going through everything at our next workshop….but this is a great way to get a head start.

The piece has a BEGINNING, a MIDDLE, and an END. You can choose to play LOOP A, LOOP B, LOOP C or if you’re bass guitarist, the BASS LOOP. Watch this video for more of explanation….

Now its time to choose which loop. Remember Loop A is the simplest, Loop B is somehwere in the middle and Loop C is the hardest. You can download the TAB/Notation by clicking here..
A New Sea – Loop A
A New Sea – Loop B
A New Sea – Loop C
A New Sea – Bass Loop

and scroll down to watch a short video to help you:

LOOP A Tuition Video

LOOP B Tuition Video

LOOP C Tuition Video

BASS LOOP Tuition Video