Info and FAQ’s for performers of Guitar Revolution

So…you wana be part of our mass guitar orchestra to play Guitar Revolution?
Its really easy to take part. Heres what to do…
1. Book your tickets. Choose which event you would like to perform at and book  here
2. Learn one of four parts, Watch the tuition videos or download the TAB for free here
3. Sign the mailing list to stay up to date on the finer details by popping your email in this box…

Thats it. It might be worth reading the FAQ’s below, and remember you can always get in touch to ask any question, we love to hear from you. Contact


Is there age restrictions at the venue?
No. All ages are very welcome but under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult.

What shall I bring?
All types of six string are welcome. Acoustic, Nylon, Electric. If playing electric please bring an amp. If you are comfortable playing standing up please help us by bringing a strap.

Am I good enough to take part?
Yes. The performance is not just about being polished its about the buzz of getting together, we expect you to have rehearsed a bit, but we expect you to make mistakes too, its about having fun. Thats it! Just give it your best shot..and if you want a skype session then just get in touch.

Will there be a rehearsal?
Yes, at approximately 7pm for each event. Enough time to have a few run throughs and to ensure you feel confident.

Why do I have to buy a ticket if I’m playing?
Well, to put these shows together costs quite a lot of money. We believe the ticket prices are as low as we can go to make it inclusive and to still make it viable. remember you are also getting to watch a very cool show…if money is really a problem, we do have a scholarship contingency fund, so if you really really cant afford it, then get in touch. But, please remember putting on a show like this is very costly and we are very grateful for your support.

When shall I arrive?
There will be a rehearsal for each event at approximately 7pm, so please arrive promptly and in time for that.

When will the event finish?
As we have a mix of ages, we intend to be finished by 10pm. This is however approximate.