Guitar Revolution

Guitar Revolution is an inspirational show, featuring performances from world class guest guitarists, The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra, and a performance of ‘Guitar Revolution’ from a pop-up Guitar Orchestra. Get your tickets here.

The piece Guitar Revolution is made up of four parts, for an infinite number of guitars. The parts range in difficulty from very simple to complex, you can listen here. It was launched at The London Acoustic Show on the 10th of September 2016, after an oversubscribed launch, it toured throughout the UK in early 2017. To see how it looked click here

The show featured a performance from The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra, and a guest act. The nights concluded with a performance of Guitar Revolution; and you could join in!

Want to take part? Download the tabs for free and get learning now. Click here to read a step by step of how to take part and some FAQ’s and you can always contact us.

The four parts are:
Riff’, Very basic.
Download Riff TAB
Arpeggio Just four chords.
Download Arpeggio TAB
Melody, simplistic and catchy.
Download Melody TAB
Advanced’ a finger twister.
Download Advanced TAB