Guitar Revolution

Guitar Revolution is a piece of music made up of four parts, for an infinite number of guitars. The parts range in difficulty from very simple to complex. You can learn the piece here for free, and then join us on the 10th of September at The London Acoustic Show to rehearse it and perform with The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra – everyone is welcome! click here for Tabs and much more


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        Hi Chris
        Thanks for that. What time is the performance? Also is there any chance of borrowing a small guitar as I’m not sure I want to bring my rather valuable hand-made parlour guitar!

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        Hi Chris, I dunno if you got my message but I’m sorry I was so tired I just couldn’t wait til the very end..also I didn’t think I was adding very much to the sound so I’m sure you all sounded great without me!
        Are you going to the RGT day? Another ling day!

        • editor says

          Hey there, Sorry didn’t get your message. How did you send it? No worries at all. Perhaps next time! It was a pleasure to have you involved…and totally understand it was a long day. It all went very well indeed. Very happy πŸ™‚ Wont be at RGT this year sadly.

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