Bournemouth Guitar Orchestra

The Bournemouth Guitar Orchestra is a creative and community minded project, currently recruiting guitarists from all styles and genres.

We have temporarily moved online. Meeting every tuesday at 7pm on Zoom… find out more by clicking here.

The sessions are a blend of rehearsing a range of exciting pieces from all genres, as well as workshops on specific techniques and inspirational approaches.

If you are a guitarist you will want to be a member of The Bournemouth Guitar Orchestra!
Simply register your interest by emailing

Scroll down to see a range of FAQ’s. Or just get in touch by clicking here


While you’re here, have a listen to what we do…

How do I join?
Simply drop us an email to say hello 🙂

How good do I need to be?
If you want to join our weekly session then absolutely any abillity is welcome. If you are able to play a handful of chords, maybe a scale or two, have played with others before, tune your own guitar (tuners are welcome!) you will be just fine. The pieces are divided into a whole range of parts that means there is space for most abilities. If you feel you are not ready to join us yet, or you have never played with others before perhaps try our weekly sessions instead to give you a chance to play with others more? Click here to find out more .

How old do you need to be?
18 plus.

How much does it cost?

Weekly: The Introductory session is £5. After that Membership is £35 per month.

I cant read music ahhhh!?
No problem at all! However you learn songs is fine by us.

Do I need to learn anything in advance?
No. Everyone will start in the same position in the first session. All members, after the first session, are required to sign up for life time membership (about £10) Where we source all our music. This will give you access to an amazingly powerful learning tool.

Where is it held?
The monthly session is held on the first monday of the month at Absolute Music – Absolute Music Solutions Ltd – Units 3-5 Knighton Heath Estate –
855 Ringwood Road – Bournemouth – Dorset – BH11 8NE

The Weekly session is held at The Blue Boar 29 Market Cl, Poole BH15 1NE

Can I bring an Electric?
Of course you can! All types of guitar are welcome. If bringing an elecrtic please bring amp and leads.

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