Stories for Solo Guitar Tour in Full Swing – Teaching the UK and Ireland to ‘slap n tap’

The Stories for Solo guitar tour is in full swing. On this tour Chris is offering a ‘Guitar, Tea and Biscuits’ session before most shows, an informal ‘pay what you want’ workshop. Chris is literally on a mission to teach the world to ‘slap n tap’…. coming to a show? – just email to book your place. Here’s what you would be getting up to!

International Guitar Festival for Young People Opening Concert Hosted by CWG

The Stories for Solo Guitar Tour is in full swing, and Chris’ guitar festival for young people is too! – Chris introduced; Rodeny Branigan, Declan Zapala and Amrit Sond to an appreciative and inspired audience, big smiles all around. The event then offered a range of workshops to children in percussive guitar, guitar songwriting and even composing for film.

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Guitar, tea and biscuits…

On the up coming tour, as well as the usual pre-show 1 – 2 – 1 lesson, Chris will be offering an informal group workshop before each show….lovingly known as ‘Guitar, tea and biscuits’.. So if you and a few mates fancy learning one of his tunes, getting your head around a technique or two, or even just drinking a good cuppa and talking some geetar this is for you (tea can be substituted for beer)…… Just register your interest for the relevant show by emailing tour dates are being added all the time!!

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